Where is the loris Culi coffee grown?

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Coffee has 2 main types: Robusta and Arabica, so what is Culi coffee? The concept of Culi coffee is quite interesting. They are not a separate type of coffee but a mixture of many types of coffee.

As we know, regular coffee beans have 2 seeds wrapped in outer shell and flesh layer. These two kins are separate but close together. However, when one of the fruit’s ovaries does not develop, the remaining ovaries will grow stronger because they no longer bear the pressure they will grow quickly and form a circular coffee bean taking up the entire space. These beans are called Culi coffee.

Cà phê Culi là gì?

Culi coffee fruit is a mutant and can happen in any kind of coffee but this phenomenon is quite rare and only accounts for 2 – 4% in each crop. After coffee beans are harvested and preliminarily processed, loris coffee beans will be separated and sold at a higher price.

Coffee beans Culi accumulate the most quintessence of coffee beans, instead of dividing in half, the nutrition is concentrated in loris coffee beans. Culi are mutant products from regular coffee varieties, so they also bring the characteristics of the original species such as Robusta or Arabica.

Hương vị cà phê Culi

Culi coffee has a unique and sophisticated character, more than its original types. Culi coffee beans have a distinctive flavor and stand out from other seeds in the crop.

Culi coffee is also processed and roasted in a unique way to get a unique and precious flavor. The percentage of Culi coffee in each crop is also very rare, accounting for only 5% of the production in one crop, so Culi coffee is considered a valuable pearl in the coffee village. Culi coffee is a mutation from regular coffees so they can be easily combined and blended to create a premium and exceptionally delicious coffee.