What is Americano coffee

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Surely we all know the beautiful country Italy. Many visitors who have enjoyed coffee in Italy can not forget the taste of the famous Americano coffee. Let’s find out about coffee with the way to create this delicious, attractive and attractive flavor!

With the purpose of reducing the thickness and sour taste of Espresso coffee, American soldiers actively added a certain amount of water to this drink. Unexpectedly, this creation has created an impressive coffee flavor and is loved by many people in Italy.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Cà phê Americano

Americano is one of the standard coffee flavors with the addition of hot water to espresso. This gives the coffee a similar density. But the flavor has a different flavor, like coffee phin. The thickness of an Americano cup will depend on the amount of sugar and the amount of added water.

Many people believe that, when mixed with water will lose the standard of coffee. However, many people believe that Americano not only has a good taste but also limits the harmful effects of caffeine.

Americano brewing is currently quite popular in restaurants. Because this is the favorite drink of many people. Americano is quite famous in Western countries.

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You should choose pure roasted coffee beans with quality assurance. For this type of brewing, you should use Robusta or Arabica coffee. These are considered as two types of coffee which are highly appreciated for quality assurance.

In addition, you have to prepare sugar, purified water, coffee cups or specialized grinders to ensure the coffee making process is complete. It is for that reason that people will become more active and more flexible. Help them have more flexibility and endurance at work.

Not only that, Americano coffee also helps against cancer extremely effectively. Because coffee has antioxidants, increasing the ability to protect cells from the attack of pathogens.