Three Ways Coffee Is Driving the Casino Gaming Industry

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In the casino gaming industry, coffee is absolutely essential, for both operators and players. Here are three ways coffee is coffee is driving the casino business forward.

1. Good Coffee Is on The Rise.

Like most industries operating today, casinos have got the message: mediocre coffee is not acceptable anymore, particularly among millennials. If a casino wants to attract a younger clientele, high quality coffee is a must. Luckily, Las Vegas has been enjoying a wave on the specialty coffee: new cafés are making the Strip a happening place to be, and the youth market is showing up, not just to drink coffee, but to play casino games as well.

2. Coffee Culture Attracts Millennials. 

While nowadays the younger clientele likes to visit Las Vegas, they don’t gamble as freely as other demographics. They prefer to shop, go to the clubs, or swim in the pool. The casino floor isn’t the destination as it used to be, and the gaming industry has been forced to think to develop the coffee shop inside the casino itself. For example, the Mirage Hotel and Casino on the Las Vegas strip has experimented with gaming tables in coffee shops. It is said that making the transition from traditional casino floor layout to the one that fits millennials better should be considered by every operator in the gambling industry. If millennials are turned off by casino floors, casino operators may have little option but to expand.

3. The Other Cities That Never Sleep.

Whether Las Vegas, Reno, Atlantic City, or other casino gaming destination, the case is that no one is doing much sleeping. They have too much other things to do. Those long nights are fun but don’t come easy. Without caffeine, the gaming table would be full of groggy tourists and staffed by bleary-eyed dealers. Drinking coffee is the key method for casino lovers to be able to hold out until morning. And casino owners are wise to have a good beverage service to keep coffee on hand to serve their guests.