Three Smarter Ways to Consume Office Coffee

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No office can run fluently without a healthy supply of coffee. However, there are many businesses spending too much office coffee than they should. Here are three smarter ways for the office to start consuming their coffee.

Don’t Overdo It

The simplest way to consume office coffee smarter is to simply reduce your overall intake. If you have to get up earlier than you want to or have to go and work at a job that you don’t really want, you may know how essential the first cup of coffee in the morning is. It seems that your day can’t really start until the first cup of coffee is inside of your body.

However, you need to avoid overindulgence if you want to reap the whole benefits from every cup of coffee that you use. If you drink it too much, you will lose out on the benefits it can provide as well as increase the unpleasant side-effects such as anxiety and irritability.

Postpone Your Morning Cup

For many people, the first cup of coffee is the most important part of their morning routine. However, if you usually shuffle straight from your bed to the kitchen to make your morning coffee, you may try to consider holding off for just a few minutes. The reason is that the production of the cortisol hormone, which regulates feelings of wakefulness.

Drinking coffee when cortisol levels are high makes your body not to produce as much as it can. If the first thing you do after getting up is to drink coffee, your body will interpret these signals as that it doesn’t need to produce as much cortisol.

Avoid Drinking Coffee after Midday

This advice is given out a lot because drinking coffee after midday has a negative impact on the quality and the amount of sleep that we can achieve afterward. Therefore, encourage every staff in your office to drink coffee in the morning will help you all to make your available supplies last much longer.