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In today’s very busy pace of life, instant coffee may be an option for most users because of its convenience. And so people today seem so dependent on it that they drink a cup of pure coffee.

Buying in a shop is afraid of coffee pin, making it again takes time, choose instant coffee but the taste is bland! So, what is the most thorough way for people who have a passion for coffee?

Cà phê phin giấy Anni Coffee

Drip coffee paper is also known as Drip bag coffee. This is a handy coffee filter. In particular, pure roasted coffee will be stored in filter paper bags. And at this time, the paper filter bag acts as a filter to make coffee with the same extraction method as traditional filter.

This type of coffee is attracting and resonating in the market because of its convenience, safety, hygiene but still retains the true taste of pure coffee.

Using coffee bag filter you don’t have to carry too many things like coffee filter. Just a small package, with easy operation, you can always use traditional coffee-style coffee.

Cà phê tiện lợi chuẩn vị Việt Nam

Instead of taking more than 10 minutes to make 1 cup of coffee with many dozen stages, which is the standard amount of coffee, filter, filter … Now it only takes about 2-3 minutes for you to have a cup of coffee immediately.

Drip coffee to enjoy already. It also has the same flavor of roasted coffee, but the time you spend to make 1 cup of paper coffee will be much faster and more convenient than traditional filter. That’s why Anni Coffee paper coffee has a natural flavor, a strong aftertaste, a slight aroma, moderate caffeine content, very suitable for everyone’s taste.

With Anni Coffee, consumer health is always a top concern, so all raw materials are carefully screened and rigorously selected. Filter paper materials are imported from Japan, certified for quality and food safety.