The culture of coffee around the world

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The best days usually start with a cup of steaming coffee, or when you’re in a new city or exciting country. Love also sounds elegant and romantic. Regardless of how many attractions you have to travel, arrange to have an afternoon of rest with enough time to relax with a cup of milk coffee.

Wander down a charming and picturesque gravel neighborhood in the French capital, and sit back in a nice small coffee similar to the photo on Instagram for it. Serve with colorful macaroon cakes or treat yourself to a delicious pastry to truly immerse yourself in the culture.

There are many trendy coffee shop in Barcelona, ​​which will be very helpful when you need a break after the tour. In addition, who does not spend time watching people enjoy coffee? The coffee you have to try is the tallat, Barcelona version of cortado, or an espresso shot with a layer of milk. You will only get about one finger of milk, so if you prefer a lot of creamy coffee, order a milk coffee, and you will have a cup of milky coffee like espresso.

There is a strange satisfaction with enjoying a shot of condensed coffee from a really small ceramic cup. Especially if the cup of espresso is enjoyed on a chair in the sun outside an old coffee with seats spilling all the way. Although, it is only a short stop between the tour, a bit of coffee after a tour of the Colosseum before continuing the hectic journey to Vatican City. Ah, life is so beautiful.

The first choice for Tokyo coffee is as simple as this city itself, strange and eccentric, but it can’t be denied that it’s great. In fact, it’s not even coffee. Latte green tea goes against what has become a coffee drinker’s belief: – more than filling a cup of coffee, mashed green tea leaves are mixed with milk to form a suspiciously intense green. .