Tasting The Roasts

As coffee is roasted, it goes from a sharper, more acidic taste, to a smoother more full bodied taste, and finally to a full bodied, almost charred taste.  Here is a breakdown of the typical roasts followed by the flavor characteristics.

  • Cinnamon or Light Roast (Light brown and dry surface):  a bright, acidic toasted grain taste.
  • Medium High or Regular Roast (Milk chocolate braown with a dry surface):  acidic and bright but lacks the grain taste.
  • Full City or High Roast (Darker brown with a satin appearance):  slight bittersweet tang with less acidity.
  • French, Italian, or Espresso Roast (Dark chocolate with patches of oil):  very little acidity and noticeably bittersweet.
  • Dark French or Heavy (Almost black and very oily):  almost no acidity and very bittersweet.
Cinnamon or Light Roast
Medium High or Regular Roast
Full City or High Roast
French, Italian, or Espresso Roast
Dark French or Heavy Roast