Six Ways Coffee Enhances Athletic Performance (part 1)

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Coffee contains caffeine, a natural stimulant that is indicated to be a safe alternative to improve our workouts and athletic performance. According to research, black coffee is one of the most popular and effective pre-workout drinks.

Coffee Is an Effective Pre-Workout Drink

Studies show that coffee can enhance our athletic performance, besides other health benefits.

Instead of rushing to a supplement store for expensive packaged powders or pilling to burn fat faster, enjoying a warm cup of coffee, minus the cream and sugar might be all you need to boost that workout.

High levels of caffeine in coffee are shown to improve our ability to burn fat during exercise significantly. We also consume fewer calories during the day since the caffeine and compounds in coffee suppress our appetite.

The peak stimulant effect of coffee occurs 30 to 60 minutes after you drink it. Once caffeine enters our bloodstream, some responses start to occur in our bodies. Heart rate and blood pressure increase, fatty acids are released into the bloodstream, and fat stores are broken down. We usually feel energetic and ready for a great workout. 

Coffee Boosts Metabolism

Caffeine in coffee is also shown to enhance our metabolic rate, which refers to the rate our body uses or burns energy during the day.

Researches show that coffee provides more effective fat burning during a workout and for several hours after you do exercise. Research suggests consuming one or two cups of coffee one hour before training have the best effect.

The body reacts to coffee and caffeine just like to any other drug. According to chronic studies, habitual large dose use is shown to be counterproductive. In this case, it takes a small amount to achieve great results and more doesn’t mean better.

Those with medical conditions such as hypertension, caffeine sensitive, or who are pregnant should not drink coffee if not discuss with their physician.