Should gym people drink coffee?

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For bodybuilders, coffee is a drink that has received a lot of controversy because of its benefits and disadvantages because it is a stimulant drink.

In coffee containing the main ingredient that is caffeine, caffeine maintains excitement and alertness by inhibiting the activity of adenosine and phosphodiesterase. Adenosine is used to notify the nervous system to emit resting signals that cause the body to be tired and created during the physical activity of the body. Caffeine can stop the formation of processes, help the nervous system control the body to continue working. And phosphodiesterase is an adrenaline inhibitor. It will “freeze” the activity of this substance to prolong excitement and increase the body’s ability to function.

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Increase exercise performance

You may not know it, but most professional athletes use caffeine for a long time to increase the intensity of their workouts. It is illegal to use it while competing, but caffeine provides you with more energy and stimulation, helping you to increase the intensity of training in the gym so it is still suitable for training. training. This is also the reason why this substance is abundant in Pre-Workout products.

Bring alertness

Many young people who take exams or do night work often use coffee, because caffeine helps to keep your body alert and focused. It also helps your brain more sensitive and lucid. However, drinking too much coffee can make you sleepless and irritable.

Burn fat

The high caffeine content in coffee has been studied and proven to be able to oxidize fat in the body. Help burn fat during exercise and maintain that ability several hours after you stop exercising. In addition, it also helps reduce appetite, helping you cut down on calorie intake.

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Enhance metabolism

Caffeine works to speed up the metabolism of the body, your body will burn energy faster, which means that the metabolism of nutrients in the body occurs faster. This boost occurs as soon as you drink coffee and lasts up to 3 hours after.

Helps relieve muscle pain

High intensity exercise or stress can cause lactic acid buildup, which is a major cause of muscle pain. This affects a lot of practice, especially those who are new to the practice. Because of pain, they do not dare to go to practice and give up halfway. Because caffeine helps stimulate fat as a source of energy instead of using glycogen in muscles, it helps you avoid lactic acid buildup, thereby helping your muscles to be more durable and reduce muscle soreness.

Fight disease

In coffee contains many powerful antioxidants help eliminate free radicals, reduce inflammation, prevent cancer and prevent many diseases.