Organic Fair Trade Bolivia Colonial Caranavi



This wonderful Bolivian coffee “Colonial Caranavi” is grown by a small group of native farmers known as colonials on land that is steep at elevations rising to 5800 feet. These typica and bourbon coffee beans cultivated in the tropics of Bolivia below a magnificent mahogany forest come from 41 small farms averaging 3 acres each. The farmers work hard to constantly improve their organic farming cultivation practices and the quality of their coffees.

They have built raised bed patios for drying, which helps to ensure a more even roast later in the process. Most farmers have started their own nurseries and have provided coffee technicians to further organic agricultural training. Organic coffee offers you a cup free of pesticides, herbicides and other manufactured chemicals which is not only better for you, the coffee drinker, but for the farmers who would have been exposed as well. This coffee also carries the Fair Trade certification, which means the farmers are empowered to lift themselves out of poverty by investing in their farms and their communities.

Farmers are given the opportunity to develop their business skills and they learn how to better protect the environment. These efforts and the unusual micro-climate combine to offer a heavy bodied, spicy coffee that awakens the senses of the tongue while it invigorates the imagination. When you drink Bolivia Colonial Caranavi Fair Trade Organic, you are doing your taste buds and the world a favor.