Oraganic Fair Trade Santo Domingo



This Dominican Republic ‘Santo Domingo’ coffee displays a well balanced complexity and uniformity with a rich full taste, medium body and a pleasant acidity. You will find these “special beans” brew up a fine gourmet Caribbean coffee.

“The Treasure of the Caribbean” and “the best kept secret in coffee” are a few prized descriptions of coffee from the Dominican Republic—and for good reason. Coffee is part of everyday life in the Dominican Republic, and they celebrate their commitment to its quality. Approximately 500,000 people in the Dominican depend on coffee to make a living, yet many of these individuals live in poverty. Still, the tradition of growing quality coffee has been passed down from every generation for hundreds of years. Most Dominican coffee is grown on small farms, and is cultivated especially well due to the superior growing conditions of the island.

The climate here is different than any other coffee region in the Americas. Because of the warm ocean currents and trade winds, along with the rainfall that occurs year-round, the Dominican Republic produces a consistent coffee bean. The soils of the limestone and granite mountain ranges, where the coffee beans are grown, give Dominican specialty coffee its unique taste.

This organic, specialty coffee from the city of Bani has also been called, “Bani Especiale.” The reasoning behind this is because the beans are picked by hand, washed in fresh water, and then spread out to dry under the Caribbean sun, where they are turned by hand to dry evenly.

The Dominican people associate coffee with a relaxing, easygoing lifestyle. Many times here in the US, we associate coffee with energy to maintain our busy, hurried lifestyle. So instead of grabbing some quick coffee on the go, take a break and relax with a soothing cup of Santo Domingo’s “Bani Especial” Coffee and let it add to the tranquility to your life.