Oraganic Ethiopia Sidamo



If you like a smooth medium roasted coffee that continuously develops on the drinker’s palate then this is the coffee for you. Our Ethiopia Sidamo is a certified Organic Fair Trade Coffee.

The Kaffa region of Ethiopia is the birthplace of this particular coffee. The forests of this region in Ethiopia are where the Arabica coffee plants once grew wild. Legend has it that travelers passing through the Kaffa forest would chew the berries of the coffee plants, and in turn spread the seeds throughout the country. These plants eventually grew and to this day are still producing exquisite coffee beans.

This dry processed coffee could be compared to fresh produce due to their growing conditions. Each region creates its own flavor profile and has its own growing season. These factors make the Organic Fair Trade Ethiopia Sidamo unique. Grown in lots, the supply of organic coffee has been outstanding and continually improving. Please enjoy the everlasting flavor of a light bodied coffee with bright floral notes.