New experience with daily coffee cup, why not

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Different varieties of coffee have different chemical ingredients, meaning each variety has different properties and scents. Coffee as we know there are 3 basic varieties: Arabica, Robusta and Liberica.

When starting out to experience coffee, you should choose the types of coffee from Central and South America. These regions tend to offer a balanced flavor. Well Balanced will not shock your taste. You can also try nuts from Brazil known for their taste notes of “Chocolate” and chestnuts.

Hình ảnh có liên quan

Coffee from East Africa – East Africa has a fresh, fruity – juicy and fruity flavor. Some areas tend to be more sweet, like Burundi or more acidic, like Kenya. Indonesian soil is known for its bold and earthy body.

The way you brew coffee can highlight the flavor characteristics of the region’s diversity and origins. Usually to give the best characteristic, the barista will choose the pour-over method with light roast. Espresso is very difficult to try for many people because the amount of espresso is usually very small and very fresh for many people.

However, first of all we need to understand the different ingredients to start improving our palates. There are many variables in each preparation method, including the size of the blender, the water temperature or the pour-over technique, the mixing tool.

You can practice at home or you can experiment at cafes. With the same seed, you can compare more to help your coffee experience more diverse.

Experiencing coffee with coffees from different regions will help you start identifying different notes and find out what flavor you drink. Go to cafes to try out different origins in a cafe and ask the barista who can try new brewing methods. Keep the “taste note” to find out the origin and profile you like. However it is a process and do not despise your hobbies.