Main types of coffee beans from different countries

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Attracting us with its fragrance and taste, coffee is the savior of tired moments. Coffee has been in our lives for about 1200 years and is grown in around 70 countries. But, how many types of coffee beans are there and what make them different from each other? Let’s have a look into these types.

Main types of coffee beans

Firstly, there are three main types of coffee beans, including Liberica, Robusta, and Arabica. There are also sub-types of these coffee types. These types of beans take on different flavors while being processed and harvested.

Liberica: This is a low yield type of coffee beans compared to Robusta and Arabica.

Robusta: Containing 2.5% more caffeine than other types, this type of coffee has a pretty strong taste.

Arabica: With low caffeine and a smoother taste, Arabica is aromatic and delicious. These types of beans produce 80% of the coffee in the world.

These are three main types of coffee beans. Now it’s time to learn their characteristics according to countries.

Brazil – Arabica

Brazil is one of the leading countries in terms of coffee producing. In 2016, 2,594,100 tons of coffee was produced in this country. The coffee grown in Brazil is very tasty thanks to the wide production areas with the premium quality. Brazil’s coffee is often preferred since it has low acidity.

Colombia – Arabica

Colombia claims a fair share of coffee production with 810,000,000kg each year. Colombia’s Arabica coffee bean is just behind Brazil in terms of taste. The most delicious coffee types of Colombia include Extra and Supremo.

Vietnam – Robusta

It can be said that Vietnam is the native land of Robusta. This country is among top coffee exporters in the world. Vietnamese people usually prefer the Robusta coffee beans with strong taste. 

Indonesia – Robusta and Arabica

Indonesia produces 660,000,000kg of coffee per year. It has an important place in global coffee production although the quality and taste pale in comparison to Brazil and Colombia.

India – Arabica and Robusta

Arabica and Robusta coffee beans are abundantly grown in India. The coffee beans grown in the south of the country are favorite most thanks to their soft taste and high levels of acidity.