Little knowledge of Italian coffee

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The cafe should have been upgraded into the Dao religion, because coffee has become an important drink of mankind. Everywhere on earth, people sip coffee while discussing everything.

Coffee has always been a mystery, but it is undoubtedly the first coffee to appear in the Middle East. There are many legends about the discovery of a very interesting cafe, including a good story. That is told by many more than that of a goat boy named Kaldi living in Abyssinia.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Chút hiểu biết về cafe Italia

Seeing strange he also imitated eating, found refreshing and incredible alert. Then he ate that fruit every day. This finally came to the founders of some monks near this area. they also pick the fruits but instead of eating them they are more creative. They boiled that fruit along with hot water, drank it in the evening, and found their minds awake.

Those who are connoisseurs of coffee cannot ignore Italy. Although most of the coffee in the country is from South America, Italy is still considered the home of coffee. Different from the French – consider the cafe as a relaxing place and they are ready to sit and sip coffee for a few hours.

One of the strangest things about Italian cafes is how to order cups of coffee to drink. This is not because Italians do not know how to enjoy coffee, perhaps the reason is because Italian society is a complex society with thousands of laws on social order.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Chút hiểu biết về cafe Italia

That is when entering a cafe in Italy, you will first have to go to the cash register, to pay for the cup of coffee that you intend to drink. You will then receive a receipt, followed by a voucher to the service desk. The staff will make you coffee as stated in the above ticket, so that you can enjoy the rich taste of Italian coffee at this point.

If you want to be considered to know how to drink coffee like Italians, remember to drink really “speed” before you can catch up with the natives. Because they drink very fast, sometimes you just need to take a sip of coffee and see them stand up and leave the shop! What a strange way to drink coffee rare in the world!