Let’s find the best coffee in the world…

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A delicious cup of coffee for those who are drunk and love traveling around the world! How can you find the best coffee in the world, at a reasonable price, and then enjoy it with overwhelming absolute satisfaction?

It can be seen that no beverage is mentioned as much as coffee. Coffee is present almost all over the world. Each country has its own culinary culture, bringing in a delicious cup of coffee through different mixing methods. Invite you to explore the best coffee in the world through our article.

Ly cafe ngon nổi tiếng - Một quán bar espresso ở Naples

Espresso delicious coffee, Italy
It’s very simple, and perfect even without adding any cream, or milk. A pure, strong and delicious cup of coffee is cheered on by several Italians a few times daily. Either manually brewed or removed from the coffee maker. This is the most pure pure delicious cup of coffee. No need to decorate with fancy syrup, chocolate or even milk. An Italian espresso is traditionally consumed while standing at the bar and screaming at people.

Kaapi, coffee of South India
As soon as you see two metal objects: the cup and the back plate, in Kerala and Tamil Nadu. You know you are about to have something good. Coffee grown in southern India is roasted and ground. Sliced, covered with milk, then “pulled” between the cup and the plate, a process of cooling and mixing the liquid. Delicious.

Ly cafe ngon Việt Nam - Cafe sữa đá độc đáo

Spicy coffee, Morocco
There is a thriving coffee culture in Morocco. A country of countless cafes with paving chairs set up in the French style, facing the street. The result is something like a piccolo coffee cup, a strong, delicious drink. With the additive of spicy coffee cup is pepper, black sesame, nutmeg. Served in a small glass and drunk with the taste of the country.

In the framework of this article, we stop here. And I’ll see you in the next posts. On a trip to discover good coffee. Deeply popular culinary culture of other countries.