Largest Coffee Shop in the World

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If asked, where would you have quested is the largest coffee shop, New York? Maybe London, or would your answer be Saudi Arabia? If the latter is where you thought the biggest coffee shop is situated, you would be 100% correct. To confirm that it is the largest in the world, we confirmed with it with the Guinness Book of World Records, and indeed the largest coffee shop is Al Masaa Café. In Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, which entered the Guinness World Records in 2014 on the 13th of August.

Al Masaa Café the Most Instagrammed Location of the Middle East

The Al Masaa Cafe is the largest and offers 1,050 individuals the opportunity to take a seat and enjoy coffee. It is basically a coffeeholic’s heaven and the best place on earth for any human that believes coffee is the best thing. Al Masaa Café in Riyadh serves 1,050 coffee lovers at a time and opened in 2014 to serve the greatest tasting coffee as well as amazing food. Al Masaa Café has since also become the most Instagrammed Middle East location.

Coffee Is an Essential Part of Saudi Arabia for Centuries

For centuries now, coffee is an essential part of Saudi and numerous cafes, and artisanal coffee shops serve some of the best coffees throughout the kingdom. With Al Masaa located in the Al Olaya District, coffee devotees have the best view of the city, its fancy hotels, skyscrapers as well as speciality cafes, coffee shops and popular financial building. Cafes are not only a wonderful place to enjoy a great cup of coffee, but it is also the place where everyone goes to socialise, catch up with old friends and get to meet strangers, who soon become a new friend. It is the most popular destination to get away from a busy schedule and enjoy a relaxing time.

Al Masaa The Largest Coffee Shop, But What is it Like?

As it can be expected of any restaurant, café or coffee shop mentioned in the Guinness World Record, Al Masaa is a striking well-designed café that offers visitors from across the world both indoor and outdoor settings, to enjoy the friendly ambience as well as the private and airy feel. The tasty coffee is enjoyed by up to 1,050 seated visitors, and the sophisticated ambience attracts a huge number of daily visitors, which includes hundreds of students, travellers, people socialising, other working near Al Masaa and everyone just wanting to enjoy one of the best cups of coffee in a high-end leisure ambience.

What to Order at Al Masaa

At Al Masaa the experience is extravagant, and the menu includes a variety of exotic teas, speciality coffees, cold blends, flavoured lattes and a range of fabulous food choices including shrimp cocktails, burgers, pasta, mocktails, deserts, and elegant club sandwiches, while the date cakes and brownies are an absolute must. Al Masaa is open from 6:30 am until 1:00 am every day.