How is the “Blend” coffee and “Single Origin” coffee different

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Coffee companies often use the coffee industry’s own terms to describe their products, which can be confusing and confusing for users. Therefore, it will be essential if you can understand them.

When packaged, coffee will usually only be printed on the packaging, which is Arabica or Robusta coffee. The above explanation is like the fact that you know the bottle you bought is red or white wine, the problem is that you don’t have enough information to choose the exact coffee you want to buy. In fact, Robusta coffee beans are slightly less delicious than Arabica. But the fact that the manufacturer only prints on the packaging with the words “pure Arabica coffee beans” is also easy to confuse the buyers in the composition of the substance amount in coffee.

Blend” and “single origin” are the terms used to accurately describe the coffee that buyers choose, which helps us distinguish the characteristics of that coffee. A blend of coffee blends is understood to include a blend of different types of coffee to create a special flavor when brewing. And single coffee origin is understood in that, the coffee beans are harvested and taken from a single country, a farm or a type of coffee with special flavor without mixing.

Compared to Origin, Coffee blend is more common, because coffee blend can preserve the flavor all year round. If working in the coffee industry, there is a rule that you must know, that is, the composition and the ratio of mixing in a coffee pack must always be kept secret. So on each package Pure coffee beans, manufacturers often do not print any information about the type of coffee or their origin. However, for blended coffee, on each package, the ingredients are clearly printed by the manufacturer, but there are now many poor quality coffees, which partly makes consumers Smart feel confused.

A natural coffee bean package qualifies only when information such as: production region, strain, processing method and flavor is printed fully and clearly on the package. As consumers’s perception of coffee quality is improving, businesses believe that the key to maintaining customer satisfaction is honesty and transparency in product origin. Products, meaning that the packaging must specify the properties and flavor of the product.