How I was addicted to American coffee

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American ice coffee is actually filtered with cold water overnight, not hot and then cooled, put in the refrigerator. Before coming to America, I did not know much about coffee, except the spirit of national self-respect did not know from whom, from where, from when.

I remember a memory of love: On the first day I went to school, I went to Coffee Bean shop, saw the “Texas coffee” billboard put a “Texas” ice coffee. The result is a big glass of the right size in a snack bar, adding milk, sugar and drinking water to the afternoon.

That said, I’m very vulnerable. At mid-hour, you ask to go out and breathe in the air and get more coffee. Later I also went to class every morning with a glass, drinking it all the way to the middle of the hour and taking it out again. There are days when I sit in the editing room from morning to night, drink at the beginning and then add two or three times a day.

The days when the weather was at 9am, it was cold without a cup of hot coffee. Having had morning coffee in the store, I could not ignore the freshly baked taco or hot rolls.

After a few years, I not only drink coffee like water but also eat too much sugar, flour, and increase in weight. If I do not drink coffee regularly, there will not be many times to talk with my friends in the middle of the time, there are no times to ask for coffee and to buy coffee without knowing how much milk or sugar is.

Thanks to drinking a lot, I know more about coffee. For example, American ice coffee is actually filtered with cold water overnight, not hot and cooled, put in the refrigerator; more “half and half” is half-milk, half-cream, put into coffee very convenient, very fat and unnoticeable, not a mixture of whole milk and skim milk like I first thought.