Give up the habit of drinking coffee the old way

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Do not drink unhygienic coffee and poor quality coffee because it will directly affect your health.

Indeed, every day, when we drink a quantity of coffee mixed with chemicals, improperly processed, unsanitary, we accidentally harm ourselves. Because drinking dirty coffee is a cause of harmful health risks such as increasing heart rate, hypertension, mild acne, body heat.

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In the long run, when we put in a lot of dirty coffee too often into the body, the risk of cancer is very high. Because of the chemicals, the blended components will build up in the body for a long time. Then they will attack cells that protect the body and then be replaced by harmful malignant cells. and develop into cancer cells.

In addition to the unhealthy type of coffee, there is also a poor quality coffee such as lots of mold on the market due to the drying process. Which does not guarantee the temperature and time.

Or the coffee has many impurities such as branches, dirt, rice husks due to unsure storage and processing… If we use these types of coffee regularly, it will cause the risk of respiratory diseases, digestive system… So, be smart consumers to have the best choice for you and your loved ones!

Cà phê giúp bạn trở nên tỉnh táo và thông minh hơn.

Here are the reasons coffee is one of the healthiest beverages on our planet. Coffee not only keeps you awake, it also makes you literally smarter. The caffeine in coffee prevents the effects of a immunosuppressant called Adenosine.

Coffee has also been claimed to help reduce the risk of Parkinson’s disease. They may contain combinations of other drug drugs. It increases the risk of adverse reactions and has even been sold as ecstasy or confused with ecstasy.

In humans, it can cause and maintain a state of loss of sensation before, during and after surgery.