Discover everything you need to know about Vietnamese coffee (part 2)

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Different types of coffee in Vietnam

Coffee has long overtaken its nature of simple drink in Vietnam. Below are some of the most famous types of coffee you can try while traveling there. It is very easy to find many of them in most traditional coffee places across the country.

Coffee with milk (ca phe nau or ca phe sua)

Most Vietnamese people enjoy drinking the dark, strong coffee with sweetened condensed milk, the recipe of coffee that was started since the French couldn’t easily acquire fresh milk. Those days, fresh milk is not a common ingredient that can be found easily in traditional coffee shops. In the north of Vietnam, the mixture of black coffee and sweetened condensed milk is called ca phe nau (brown coffee), while in the south it refers to ca phe sua (milk coffee). It is mostly served cold with ice but you can also order it hot.

Yoghurt coffee (sua chua ca phe)

Like coffee, yoghurt was originally brought to the country by the French. Yoghurt has also been adopted into local culinary tradition. Rich and creamy, it is served with different toppings, from fresh mango to fermented rice, and even coffee. Although this might sound like an odd combination, yoghurt pairs amazingly well with a drizzle of black coffee.

Egg coffee (ca phe trung)

Egg coffee is a Hanoi invention. Egg yolk whipped with sweetened condensed milk into an airy froth mixxes with dark coffee in this rich concoction: think of it as a Vietnamese take on tiramisu. This type of coffee was created in the 1940s, when milk was scarce and egg yolks became a convenient replacement. Café Giang in Hanoi’s Old Quarter, where it was invented, is the most favorite place to enjoy egg coffee up to now but there are also other places offer their own recipe – sometimes even better than the original.