Culture hidden in every European coffee cup

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In Europe, when you have the opportunity to visit Austria or Greece, perhaps any visitor must be surprised because the coffee here is not as popular. It is known as be often seen as an intangible cultural preservation and honor.

Vienna, Austria is considered the music capital of Europe with the names of geniuses such as Mozart, Strauss, Beethoven. However, it would be missing if you missed enjoying a coffee here.

Without knowing it, coffee is part of the life of the people in Vienna. The cafe for them is the second house where they can socialize, meet and chat. Coffee in Vienna is considered  by its speciality. One of them is “Einspanner”, usually in high glass glasses, below is black coffee, on top there is an extra layer of cream, a little white sugar powder, sometimes adorned with a small biscuit. Cafe when offered to guests is always accompanied by a glass of filtered water along with delicious pastries.

Perhaps the coffee culture of Vienna is formed from the typical character of the people on a land with a long history that is always associated with nature, scenery and people, simple and subtle, quiet and ancient but it is the source of creativity and modernity. Austria is the only country in the world where coffee drinking is recognized as an intangible culture.

Greece is not only famous in the world for its rich culture and history, but is also known for its pragmatic, never-hasty lifestyle. When enjoying a meal or sipping a cup of coffee, they always spend a lot of time sipping, letting themselves completely relax. Perhaps so, the style of making and drinking coffee here is also affected.

In Greece, wherever you are, you can call yourself a glass of Frappe coffee. That is a foam-coated iced coffee made from instant coffee.