Cold Coffee

Brandy Frost
Cool treat for a warm day!
Iced Creme de cacao
A mocha like shake with a kick – BAM!
Irish Mocha Frost
A cool refreshing drink, jazzed up–there’s a kid in all of us!
Soldier Dreams
Chocolate ice cream, coffee, and whiskey….. what more could a soilder dream for?
Southern Coffee
Oh my! How nice! Just right for those balmy soulthern evenings!

Recipe Home

A collection of favorite recipes using coffee. Have you ever tried Coffee Barbeque Sauce? Or have you made your own homemade coffee liqueur? How about Espresso Cheesecake to die for? Coffee Nog anyone? Spiced coffee, Orange coffee, Mochas and Grogs… they are all here in this collection of recipes using coffee. Hot coffee, cold coffee, coffee cake, coffee desserts, alcoholic, and non-alcoholic beverages are just a few topics in our recipe collection.