Coffee Brewing


Use good water!  Check your water source for softened or hard water.  If necessary, use a water filtration system or use bottled water.

Store your coffee in a clean, dry place away from temperature extremes.  (Heat registers, air vents)

Know your coffee maker!  Read the directions to get the most from your coffee maker.

Keep your pot clean. Daily!  Read your manufactures cleaning recommendation.

Toss the spent grounds immediately.  Drip through can ruin a good pot of coffee. (The spent ground are good in home compost)

Clean all equipment weekly.  Check the manufacturer recommendtions.  Don’t forget the spray head area.


Mix fresh brewed coffee with previously brewed coffee.  (Just plain bad)

Re-use coffee grounds.  The first time got all the flavor!

Re-heat.  It will be bitter.  Trust me.

Use old beans.  Whole beans keep about 2 weeks in an airtight ceramic container.  Ground about 3 days.

Let brewed coffee sit around in an open pot longer than 20 – 30 minutes.  Oxygen is coffee’s enemy!

Use dirty pots or equipment.