Coffee and uses that men rarely know

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It was discovered by a goat blanket, but it was the monks who made the black water that was so hot, bitter and addictive – coffee. Until now, although every day there are 1.7 cups of coffee consumed. Few people know that coffee can be used as an effective method to “recharge” the skin, becoming a secret success of modern men.

The anecdotes surrounding the history of coffee are as interesting as the aftermath of the stale, bitter and addictive black water. The most popular story is that more than 1,000 years ago, the goat herd of Abyssinia guy Kaldi suddenly became excited and started dancing after eating a strange fruit with red color.

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Seeing that, Kaldi tried to eat and found himself excited. The boy went to goats and immediately told the monks in a nearby monastery. Believing that this is a gift from God, the monks sought to roast this seed up, pound it and then mix it in drinking water, and so from there, coffee was born.

Today, coffee is used extensively and there are 1.7 billion cups of coffee consumed in the world by hundreds of millions of people every day. Coffee has become the most traded commodity globally, behind only oil. Men all over the world, in all areas today are coffee believers.

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Since its appearance, coffee has been considered to be useful for alerting and inspiring spirits. This is purely grounded by science that has proven that caffeine – the main ingredient in coffee. It actually stimulates the central nervous system and restricts the activity of adenosine – which is considered to be sad to sleep.

After using coffee, you will find that the craving for sleep disappears and the working ability of the brain increases. Therefore, men always see coffee as a source of energy for the brain, stimulating creativity to bring success in life.