Chinese billionaire and determined to beat Starbucks coffee

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Luckin Coffee that’s a Chinese coffee company, has just registered to list on Nasdaq Stock Exchange (USA). Behind Luckin is billionaire Luc Chinh Dieu, an ambitious person.
According to Forbes, Luckin Coffee is investing heavily to accomplish the goal of overcoming Starbucks to become the number one coffee chain in China. Luckin currently has 2,370 coffee shops in the billion-dollar country.

Documents submitted to the US Securities and Exchange Commission show that Luckin has achieved revenue of 125 millions USD in 2018, about 241 million USD. However, that is what the billionaire Luc Chinh accepted to do to achieve the goal of defeating Starbucks.

Chinese tycoon is on the list of a Starbucks singer Billionaire Luc Chinh Dieu owns a fortune of about 1.3 billion USD. Mr. Luc and his wife hold a 30.5 percent stake in Luckin, worth about $ 800 million. Meanwhile, UCAR Inc. Luc’s price is valued at over US $ 6.5 billion, in which his shares are worth about US $ 500 millions. Thus, Mr. Luc owns assets of about 1.3 billions USD.

Mr. Charles Lu was born in 1969 in Fujian Province (China), a bachelor’s degree in industrial electrical automation at Beijing University of Science and Technology.

In 2010, Mr. Luc obtained a master’s degree in business administration at Northern University. He continued to study for a PhD in engineering and management economics from Dong Lang Academy of Economics and Management in 2013. In addition to investing in Luckin Coffe, Mr. Luc is also the CEO and president of UCAR Inc, China’s leading auto service company.

Mr. Lu in turn established DITEL Technology, Huaxia Technology Beijing and achieved certain results. Two years later, realizing the limitations in the development ability of the two companies, Mr. Luc decided to turn to the automobile industry.

Initially, Mr. Luc formed the UAA with a model to provide rescue, repair and auto insurance services. However, the company initially had many difficulties. Without giving up, Mr. Luc Chinh Dieu persevered waiting for the opportunity to come