Cappuccino vs Café Latte

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One of the most asked questions in the world of coffees is what the real difference between cappuccino and latte is. Both are quite similar in practice although there are several key variances that set the two apart, the easiest way to explain is the diagram below.

The main difference via the café latte and a cappuccino is the proportions of the milk, espresso and the milk foam. Cappuccino traditionally is made with less milk and more foam when compared to café latte. Served in top restaurants cappuccino is served with a dash of chocolate power while café latte is not, although some coffee shops now do add either a hint of chocolate or cinnamon sprinkle on top.

Cappuccino Taste vs Caffe Latte

Again it makes sense that so many are confused by the two popular drinks as when it comes to taste they are identical. The only reason cappuccino often tastes a little sweeter is as a result of the chocolate sprinkled on top. Where you could notice a difference is a texture when you drink it. Caffe latte goes down much faster as it is smoother and has less foam, cappuccino tastes thicker due to the extra foam, which is often enjoyed via spooning out some of the foam as a pre-treat.

Making Café Latte vs Cappuccino

To make cappuccino you need one shot of espresso, the rest of the cup is filled with steamed milk completed by lots of milk foam on the top, around 3 to 4 cm’s thick. The final touch is the sprinkling of chocolate powder.

Café Latte requires one shot of espresso, and the cup is also filled with steamed milk, although the milk foam added to the top is only 1 cm thick. Café Latte is completed by optional foam art.

Serving Cappuccino vs Café Latte

Every country around the world serves both their latte’s and cappuccino’s differently, in the US both are served in ceramic cups. In New Zealand and Australia, Caffe Latte is served in tumbler glasses. In most countries including the UK, Caffe Latte is served in a tall glass mug, while a cappuccino is served in a large ceramic cup with a saucer most often accompanied by an Italian biscuit.

Exciting Flavours Caffe Latte vs Cappuccino

Maybe this is where the real competition starts in the comparison of Caffe Latte vs Cappuccino. The large variety of Caffe lattes served across the globe includes Irish crème, cinnamon, caramel, peppermint, vanilla, buttered rum, raspberry, orange, toffee, almond and hazelnut. Another major difference is that Café Latte can be enjoyed hot or cold and an iced latte could be hard to beat.

Cappuccino flavours include raspberry, caramel, vanilla, peppermint, chocolate, and cinnamon. What adds even more flavour to this popular beverage is the variety of sprinkles added to the top of the cream including a drizzle of chocolate or caramel sauce or powdered cocoa or cinnamon and even powdered nuts.