California confirms the risk of cancer from coffee is negligible

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In SACRAMENTO, The California state officials on Monday, June 3, formally confirmed that coffee is not a significant cancer hazard. This confirmation, recommended by state food inspectors about a year ago, means that coffee products do not warn that this drink is harmful to health.

California has this rare act after a judge in Los Angeles ruled that Starbucks Corp. and other companies, do not clearly show that drinking coffee is more beneficial than harmful, exceeding the risks that can be brought to users, because the process of roasting coffee beans can create carcinogens. .

The verdict that threatens the coffee industry can be severely punished and must seek ways to remove the chemical or warn users about the risk of cancer.

This chemical, called acrylamide, is on the list of substances that the state of California says causes cancer, although many other groups put it in a “possibly” carcinogenic line. Under a law passed by California voters three years ago, products containing substances that could cause cancer or harm a fetus must warn consumers.

The California State Department of Environmental Hazard Assessment, which is responsible for enforcing the law, has concluded that the risk of cancer from coffee is negligible and also highlights a review by the Health Organization. The World (WHO) on more than 1,000 studies has found that there is no clear indication that coffee causes cancer.

Moreover, WHO concluded that in some cases coffee also reduced the risk of certain types of cancer. The organization suing the coffee industry must put a warning label stating that they will sue for a court to rule out California’s judgment on the matter.

Coffee is really good for health. In coffee contains antioxidants and beneficial nutrients to improve health. Studies have shown that people who drink coffee have less risk of developing dangerous diseases than those who do not drink