A meaningful story about love, time and …. coffee

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Loving a person is like loving a coffee flavor. It may take a little time to like, to explore. But both love and coffee, they all need time to experience, to understand each other deeply, to reconcile differences, new things become part of the ego.

Feelings when you love a person are not much different when you taste a good cup of coffee. At first, it may be bitter, may be strange, but the longer it is, the bitterness becomes sweet, the strange substance becomes familiar, the original trait becomes close, the newness becomes familiar to then indispensable.

Love has a multitude of emotions. But after all, it is still the sweet aftertaste of happy couple. Love can have angry jealousy. But again, it is still the faithfulness in the same direction. Love is also easy to make one’s eyes glistening like a sweet glaze, but secretly only two people know.

So is coffee. There are lots of tastes that coffee gives people to enjoy from the first aroma to the last sip of coffee on the tip of the tongue. There is a multitude of emotions, from excitement to the heart.

Coffee in the eyes of this lover’s drink, also has the same position. If your favorite coffee is finished, people would rather not wait, not compromise with another type I don’t love. If the “addiction” cannot be restrained, other coffees such as a regular drink containing caffeine taste to wake up, to soothe the desire to taste and enjoy your favorite coffee.

That’s the reason why one can drive a city round just to touch the tip of their favorite coffee flavor at a familiar restaurant. That is why many of the trendy and attractive drinks, many young people still return to the taste of coffee from the early days of enjoying.