…for the perfect cup!

Tired Of Stale, Old Supermarket Coffee?

The Original Coffee Company Online is dedicated to bringing you the highest quality coffee beans, roasted to perfection.  Your coffee order is fresh roasted and shipped the same day to bring you the freshest coffee available.  Your coffee order is packaged in a heat sealed valve bag.  We will ship whole bean, drip grind, espresso grind or french roast. 


The Original Coffee Company uses a roaster certified Organic Coffee Handler and Processor by the Georgia Crop Improvement Association Organic Certification Program (GCIAOCP). We abide by the standards established by the National Organic Program.

Why is this so important? Anyone can sell certified organic coffee, but only Certified Organic Coffee Handlers and Processors can legally roast organic coffees. If your source for organic coffee is not a legally certified handler, they are purchasing their beans pre-roasted and pre-packaged from another source.

The Original Coffee Company is in partnership with a US roaster dedicated to bringing you the freshest organic coffee available online. Our roaster buys organic beans raw and roasts and packages them prior to shipping. Our roaster has worked very hard to obtain certification to insure our customers receive the freshest coffee at the best prices! 
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green pageGreen Living through recycling coffee grounds. Earthworm food and compost for gardens and flowers are just 2 things that spent coffee grounds are good for.
LogowearA selection of t-shirt, sweatshirts, jerseys for adult, kids and toddlers. Logo clocks, mugs, totes, note cards, post cards, caps, stickers and magnets with The Original Coffee Company Logo.